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How about a new student program offered by the Bosch Cluj Plant?

Summer internship

Summer Internship @ Bosch Cluj Plant

Now you get the opportunity to value all the theoretical aspects learned at university by combining a hands-on approach with the high-value experiential learning within our plant. You will not only benefit from a great head start in your career, but also from the great chance to, at end of the program, continue your journey of gaining practical experience in another Bosch program for students or take a permanent role in the company at the end of the internship.

Find out all the details

Paid internship 2.000 RON for the entire program
Paid internship
Duration of the program:
2.000 RON for the entire program
  • 3 July – 11 August 2023
  • 10 July – 18 August 2023
  • 17 July – 25 August 2023
Paid internship
2.000 RON for the entire program
50 students
Paid internship
Registration deadline:
2.000 RON for the entire program
  • Stage 1: March 1 – March 23, 2023
  • Stage 2: April 1 – 23 April 23, 2023


summer internship benefits

If these are describing you the best, then we are sure you’ll be a good fit in our team:

good fit

Now that you’ve decided that you are a good fit, all you must do is to choose the area of activity most suitable for you based on your field of study and your professional development interests:

  • The groups are divided into areas related to: Commercial Plant Management
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources activities
  • Overhead Controlling and Commercial Shared Services
The groups are divided into areas related to
  • The activity in the production
  • Project management
  • Support for Quality Planners
  • Line engineers
  • Test engineers
  • Process and testing technicians
  • Introduction of new products
  • Planning of all ramp-up
  • Facility Management

What will the application process look like?

1. Matching 2. Conversation 3. In-person interview 4. Final decision
1. Matching
First, we check your application to see if your skills match the vacancy.
2. Conversation
We organize a phone call to learn more about your experience and expectations.
3. In-person interview
We invite you to our office for an interview to meet a few members of the Bosch Team.
4. Final decision
We will contact you to communicate our final decision.